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Ysatis was released by Givenchy in 1984. It was created from the nose of Dominique Ropion. The original meaning of the word Ysatis is not known, however since the fragrance was launched it has become a given girl’s name in some countries. (1) It is quite a testimony to the popularity of a scent for it be used as a child name.

The magazine advertising for Ysatis portrayed a modern interpretation of an 18th century Venetian masquerade ball. The model is removing her mask to reveal her eye-catching gaze to the viewer. The perfume bottle is a chess piece on the board. It is rather surreal and it’s meaning can only truly be guessed at, however it is enigmatic and intriguing.


Another ad featured the supermodel Carla Bruni looking at the camera with the bottom half of her face obscured in a similar style to the above ad. Perhaps we are to think that Ysatis can both reveal and obscure our emotions and intentions.


The bottle has a crystal lid which feels wonderful in the hands. It refracts beautifully and gives a fine impression that it is a high quality product. The lid retains an angled crystal like structure too, which adds to the appeal. The body of the bottle is ribbed glass, tapered at the bottom. The box is dark purple and has the classic Givenchy symbol, and the perfume name in gold, with asymmetrical yellow, black and fuchsia stripes along the edges.


Opening notes: Coconut, citrus, ylang-ylang, galbanum, rose wood, and aldehydes.

Middle notes: Rose, jasmine, iris, tuberose, and narcissus.

Base notes: Vanilla, musk, amber, vetiver, patchouli, sandalwood, and civet.

This comes from the age of confident power perfumes, and it shows. The opening is a rich blast of aldehydes and spices. It may seem over the top for younger people, but give it time to mellow before forming a judgement. The coconut gradually oozes out and gives a little sweetness, followed by tumbling florals. After thirty minutes it fades down to a warming, sensual aroma with a feisty edge that is very hard to find in modern fragrances.

Suited to: This is perfect for winter, it will keep you warm, but use lightly.

Rating: This needs a bronze medal because you must try before you buy.

Price: Very expensive.



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