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My Sin was originally called ‘Mon Peche’, which is my sin in french, and was translated for the overseas market when it was released abroad. It was launced in 1924, and was created by a perfumer who went by the moniker of Madame Zed. Tragically it was discontinued in 1988.

My Sin had some wonderful advertisements over it’s many years of production. Below is an ad showing the symbol of the perfume – a black panther. The panther is beautiful, strong, dark and mysterious, just like the inner sensuality of a woman. It glares at the viewer, only the eyes are visible, the rest is merely a silhouette. In the background we see white kittens playing, perhaps they represent the average feeble lady who doesn’t have the intrinsic sexuality to wear My Sin, and thus remains childlike. The panther stands out from the crowd.

my sin by lanvin perfume review 2

Here is the panther again, in an ad from the 1960s. It stares into the distance, it’s fur gleaming, oozing innate power and a formidable beauty. Provocative indeed.

my sin by lanvin perfume review 4

Below is an advert featuring a model with an unusual hat and veil which masks her eyes, it is black of course, like the panther, and within the lace frill her sensuality is at once hidden, yet also revealed.

my sin by lanvin perfume review

The bottle has had various incarnations over it’s lifetime, below is one of many, the golden globe design. It features the artistic logo of Lanvin, the mother leaning forward and grasping her child’s hands.

my sin by lanvin perfume review 1

Opening notes: Bergamot, aldehydes, lemon, clary sage, and neroli.

Middle notes: Rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine, clove, orris, lily-of-the-valley, narcissus, and lilac.

Base note: Civet, vetiver, vanilla, musk, woody notes, tolu balm, and styrax.

I have waited many years to get my hands on this beauty, and finally I can covet her fragrance. It is so deeply sexual it seems rather shocking. It is stunningly animalic, but My Sin seems too sophisticated to use that word. It defies mere words to describe it fully, it needs to be experienced.

It really does smell like a lady that has been sinning, she lays on her silk sheets in the aftermath of an illicit affair, she combs her fingers through her lover’s hair. She smiles devilishly, their body warmth rises and brings all the aromas of love into the air.

Suited to: Evening interludes with a loved one.

Rating: Gold medal, it is an essential part of perfume history.

Price: Expensive on the secondary market.

Who would wear this? Norma Desmond.