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“Do you think, at your age, is it right?” – Alice in wonderland.

Panache by Lentheric was one of my first perfumes. It might seem an odd choice to give a young girl, but this was very inexpensive in the 1970s, and was the easy gift to give girls. It looked much more expensive that it was, and it had a strong following as a cheap alternative to designer brands.

Though I was given it numerous times, and I used it occasionally, I didn’t actually really like it. It seemed so ‘mature’, and overpowering, I preferred the childlike pretty peach by Avon. Having found an original bottle I will test it again as my adult self, and it will be interesting to see if my opinion has changed.

It is now produced by Taylors of London, and I would imagine at least a slight reformulation will have occurred, so I can only vouch my review for the original by Lentheric.

The packaging below makes me quite nostalgic, it certainly does look sophisticated, navy blue with midnight blue bars across it, with white highlights giving a near designer feel. The bottle had a peach-skin tactile coating over the translucent glass, making it unmistakable when grabbed from your dressing table.

panache by lentheric perfume review

Below is the current packaging from Taylors of London. Cheap and cheerful in comparison with the original. It still has the shades of blue but the addition of bright pink across it takes away the high quality look.

panache by lentheric perfume review 1

Opening notes: Aldehydes, orange, lemon, coriander, and thyme.

Middle notes: Iris, rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine, lily, and geranium.

Base notes: Musk, oakmoss, musk, myrrh, and sandalwood.

Ah the old familiar blast of aldehydes, then a plunge into bitter oranges and lemons, somewhat acrid rather than zestful. My vintage bottle is still as pungent as when it was created. Thankfully the top notes don’t last too long, as it was making me rather queasy. Sadly, I cannot alter my previous youthful considerations, I am finding this still overpowering.


Suited to: Bouts of willful nostalgia only.

Rating: Bronze medal, try before you buy.

Price: Inexpensive.