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A delicate discontinued vintage perfume, originating in the 1950s, French Flowers described itself as:

“A bitter-sweet floral fragrance with sophisticated overtones.”

The original advertising was very cute cheesecake poses, as shown below. A model is ‘caught’ while bathing, using her French Flowers bubble bath, bath cubes, perfume and talcum powder set.

fresh flowers by fields of bond street perfume review

My own set came with bubble bath and talcum powder, and a plain miniature bottle (not shown). The set below was from the 1960s when the design changed from baby blue and navy to white and blue flowers. It was discontinued by the mid 1970s when Avon purchased the name French Flowers to use for jewelry.(1)

fresh flowers by fields of bond street perfume review 1

Opening notes: Aldehydes.

Middle notes: Iris and orange blossom.

Base notes: Vanilla and amber.

This is powdery soft once the aldehydes have floated away. It has a lovely tone of nostalgia that you cannot get with modern perfumes. It isn’t complicated, but rather comfy and cozy in a warming sense. Any age could have worn it, and I expect it was a popular gift in the last century.

Occasions: Gentle enough to wear for work or college, it will not overpower.

Seasons: Summer.

Rating:  Bronze medal.

Price: Hard to find on the secondary market.



(1) https://trademarks.justia.com/810/15/french-flowers-81015760.html