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Isis is an oriental perfume from niche company Agonist. It was released in 2013 and is unisex.

The stark black and white minimalist box spells out each note across it, giving a tempting reveal of the contents before the bottle is even opened. The simply designed bottle has the same.


Opening notes: Citruses, green tangerine, ylang-ylang, black pepper, ginger, anise, and peach.

Middle notes: Heliotrope, nutmeg, caramel.

Base notes: Benzoin, amber, musk, vanilla, lorenox, and labdanum.

The black pepper is the shining star of the opening, it blends beautifully with the peach to make the wearer’s mouth water. The caramel and nutmeg work incredibly well too, and this becomes positively gourmand and lusciously rich. Deeper down in the scent it’s sensual and lusty side emerges, musk and amber reaching out and giving a confident sexual edge.

Occasions: Wonderful for romantic evenings when you want to feel sexy.

Seasons: Winter.

Rating: Silver medal.

Price: Very expensive.